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WARREN ARCHER had been deeply troubled by the idea of death from the tender age of six. From that time on, he sought answers to the existential questions that have haunted humankind for millennia.

Nearly a decade later, his friend was hit by a freight train, turning Warren’s search for truth into a quest for spiritual enlightenment.

After several years of getting nowhere with this quest, not wanting to waste his life on a Tibetan mountaintop seeking something that might not even exist, he put enlightenment on indefinite hold to pursue more earthly ambitions.

Out of his many passions and interests—space travel, martial arts, chess, computer programming, languages, classical piano, and creative writing—Warren spent years focusing on and trying to perfect the latter two, hoping one of these would fulfill his longing to receive his fathers’ praise, as well as bring him the autonomy and notoriety he craved. 

In 1998, as he battled his way up the ladder of conventional success, a transformative experience planted the seeds of what would eventually become the I Think, Therefore I Lie (ITTIL) technique. Unable to make sense of the experience, and still unwilling to be distracted from his material goals, he once again placed his pursuit of truth and lasting happiness on hold.

In 2010, just when he believed he’d finally achieved most of his major life goals, within a year Warren was diagnosed with cancer, his career as an airline pilot was as good as over, his twenty-five-year marriage ended in divorce, he accrued $100,000 in debt, and a flood destroyed most of his home and everything in it.

Yet after only a few years, he managed to turn it all around: He was happily remarried, out of debt, he’d published his first bestselling novel, and he was back to flying as a captain for a major airline. No longer in survival mode, he was able to refocus on his search for truth and eventually complete the ITTIL technique.



Are there times when you feel chained to your thoughts? Do you suffer from circular negative thinking?

By virtue of this technique, when he was told his father had died, instead of grieving, he felt tremendous love and gratitude, and his fear of death and the search for truth and happiness outside the present moment came to a sudden end.

Since then, Warren Archer has been helping others find inner peace and end their suffering by awakening now to the reality of what is. 

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