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Relentlessly Unexpected

Relentlessly Unexpected

It was September and one of the busiest periods in my life with multiple major projects scheduled for more or less the same time. On top of the list was the launch of my book, I THINK, THEREFORE I LIE. The audiobook version was going to be released in October, only a...

Is Belief the Same as Faith?

ITTIL is a technique, not a philosophy. This article isn’t attempting to preach what is true, rather its purpose—and indeed the purpose of ITTIL—is to find is potentially beneficial in the moment. I say in the moment, because what might be beneficial at the present...

Does Self-Help Lead to Awakening?

At times, I get the question as to whether self-help leads to awakening or enlightenment. This could be because in the past, the coaching I offered included self-help in addition to the ITTIL (I Think, Therefore I Lie) Technique, and so that may have been why...

Is Awakening the Same as Enlightenment?

For many people, awakening is considered to be just another word for enlightenment. Both words are reifications—that is abstract concepts made into something real and concrete. We all know what a spoon is and definitions would not vary much from person to person. But...

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