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Author | Founder of the ITTIL technique Technique

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My mission is to free people of internal conflict using an effective, practical technique everyone can use right now. No longer imprisoned by their own thoughts, people will stand as a beacon of inner peace and inspiration to others to end their suffering and their search for Truth and lasting happiness outside the present moment.

By applying this technique, inner conflict comes to an end. When inner conflict has ended, outer conflict will end, and violence ranging from unkind words to outright wars will become a thing of the past.

This is not a beauty-pageant wish for world peace.

Instead of just hoping or praying for world peace, the ITTIL technique offers a clear and practical way of actually achieving it.

Belief causes inner conflict. Not just some of it. All of it.
Inner conflict causes outer conflict. Not just some outer conflict. All of it.
Every single problem is caused by a thought you are believing.
No belief, no problem.

The practice of the ITTIL technique ends internal conflict and the suffering it causes, one belief at a time.

May you see every moment as a blessing,

Warren Archer

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